CSOs Forum May 27th




The 5th Assembly marks the start of the sixth operational phase of the GEF, or GEF-6. New policies and strategic directions will be implemented in GEF-6, targeted towards an overall objective that the GEF as a whole deliver higher impacts in an effective and efficient manner, while building on the strong, diverse and expanding network of implementing partners, civil society and indigenous peoples organizations, and the private sector.


Information on new polices and strategic directions for GEF-6, focusing on those most relevant for CSOs, can be reviewed here:


Information for CSOs on policies and new directions for GEF-6.pdf



Partnerships for the Future:


The overall theme for the CSO Forum is Partnerships for the Future. This is because partnerships are at the core of the GEF operations. Through the network of partners at the international and national levels, including CSOs, the GEF has been able to achieve on-the-ground results and impacts to protect the global environment while supporting national sustainable development initiatives.


To provide information for CSO participants and other interested stakeholders of the diverse partnerships established by and with CSOs in GEF projects, a series of background papers were produced as a contribution to the CSO Forum.


These papers were organized along the four topics to be discussed during the CSO Forum:


Topic  Document
Implementation of the GEF Public Involvement Policy Public involvement policy.pdf
Innovative partnerships with CSOs: Best practices for CSO involvement in GEF focal areas and multi-stakeholder engagement Innovative partnerships with CSOs.pdf
Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and local communities Indigenous peoples and local communities.pdf
Women and youth as key GEF partners Women and youth.pdf



In addition, CSOs experiences in Mexico, as the host country of the 5th Assembly, have also been developed:


CSO experiences in Mexico.pdf


 The papers include an introduction the each theme, and examples of projects implemented by and with CSOs. To better illustrate the overall theme Partnerships for the Future, examples of full-sized projects (FSP) and medium-sized projects (MSP) include an overview of the project and highlight the partnerships generated for its implementation. Examples of Small Grants Programme (SGP) projects are also included, emphasizing the impacts achieved by community-based strategies.